Pay-Per-Click Advertising: What Is PPC & How Does It Work?

What is pay-per-click advertising?

PPC is an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks on an advertisement. There are several types of PPC advertising, one of the most common being search-linked advertising. These ads appear when users search the web using search engines such as Google, especially when they are looking for commercial information, i.e. when they are trying to buy something.

These include mobile searches (people searching for ‘pizza near me’ on their mobile phones), searching for local services (people searching for a local dentist or plumber), buying gifts (‘Mother’s Day flowers’), buying business software or other high-end products, and so on. All of these searches trigger pay-per-view advertising.

Most common types of PPC

There are several advertising networks that can offer PPC advertising. Some of the more popular are. Google AdWords is arguably the most popular. This network allows you to display ads in search results and on your personal website.

But Google is not the only search engine – Bing has its own PPC, which allows ads to be displayed on various search factors and Microsoft partners. Facebook also offers a PPC advertising model. Many marketers prefer to advertise on Facebook because it is relatively inexpensive. You can also display PPC ads.

This is a great alternative to the boring text ads that appear on many websites. Finally, PPC can also be used to run retargeting campaigns. This is a great way to attract customers who have already visited your website.

When and why to use Google ads

 75% of search engine clicks occur on the first page of Google search results, and advertising increases your chances of appearing on the first page of search results. Furthermore, 64% of people click on Google ads when they want to buy something online. Before looking at when you should invest in Google ads, let’s look at why you shouldn’t.

Why companies use PPC marketing

Why do companies use this advertising method? They advertise elsewhere for the same reason. PPC is just one part of a multi-faceted marketing strategy. Few companies use online advertising as the only way to attract traffic to their sites.

Yet they do it very effectively. This is why many brands rely on them to increase sales. Another reason brands choose this system is that it allows them to rank first on search engine results pages. Search engines such as Google and Bing allow companies to display their adverts at the top of the results list when searching for keywords.

For this reason, many brands consider pay-per-click to be the fastest route to search engine optimisation.